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Why it Makes Sense to Encourage Students to Take Online Dual Credit Courses

affordGuest post by: John Pohlman, Partner Coach for Sevenstar

One of the primary objectives for writing this blog article is to help you, as Christian school leaders, educate and inform the families you serve so they can be good stewards of the financial resources that have been entrusted them.

Your online program (CSIonline Academy) provides students with over 200 dual credit course options at regionally accredited Christian colleges and universities that are priced at a fraction of the cost of what a student would pay if they registered for the course directly through the college.

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Why Sevenstar?

Sevenstar logo 1Beginning this school year, Christian Schools International made an intentional partnership between Sevenstar, our current online course provider, and the CSIonline Academy program for our member schools and their students.

A little about CSIonline Academy’s history:
Christian Schools International launched CSIonline Academy in 2012 to serve our member schools and non-member schools by providing online foreign language, math, English, and select elective courses for those in grades 6-12. At the start, Christian Schools International paid for curriculum providers, teachers, and leadership staff to manage and run the program. As the second year was underway, the need for more diverse class options and more affordable programming became realized. Ultimately, we needed a like-minded partner.

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Teaching Online: First-Hand Experience and Best Practices — Webinar Re-Cap

50-FE4-TeachingOnlineMany classroom teachers have begun to migrate toward online education as a place to broaden their teaching experience and deepen their impact with students. Andrew Vanden Heuvel led a webinar about what it’s like to teach in an online environment, utilizing the interface to enhance both traditional classroom experiences and fully virtual programs. He discussed helpful skills needed to be a successful teacher in the online format as well as suggested resources and best practices that are key to online teaching success. This webinar recording is a great opportunity to glean advice from an online teaching veteran who understands the pros and cons of pursuing online teaching career opportunities. Administrators are encouraged to invite teachers and faculty to explore these opportunities to enhance classroom effectiveness and as a means of earning additional income.

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