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Challenging Students with Digital Learning: Best Practices for Academically Talented Middle School Students – Webinar Re-Cap

logoWebinar presented by: Becci Zwiers, CLC Network/The Learning Well

Academically advanced middle school students can easily get bored by grade-level content, but that doesn’t mean they have the emotional maturity to take courses with high school students. Learn why online courses can be a good option for these students, and what to look for to make the experience effective and fulfilling. Becci Zwiers, online teaching consultant for CLC Network, will review the advantages and pitfalls of digital learning.

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Using Blended Learning to Offer AP Courses

Steenstra_APCS_1 Guest post by Mark Steenstra, technology director at Calvin Christian School in Escondido, California

This school year Calvin Christian High School in Escondido, California, offered a new course, AP Computer Science. This was possible because we utilized the blended learning model.

I teach a variety of technology-related courses at Calvin Christian School, including Computer Programming. A few years ago, I discovered there were several students that desired to take AP Computer Science. Our school did not have the time or resources to establish a traditional AP Computer Science course, so I recommended that students take the class online. Finding a high-quality online course is difficult, and I confess the one I recommended had some shortcomings. Not that I took my recommendation lightly; in fact, I was directly impacted because my son was one of the students.

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Building a Blended Course – A Summer Professional Development Experience

Professional_Development_Logo“Blended learning” is the catch phrase in K-12 education today. Christian schools span the spectrum of participation integrating blended learning into their classrooms: some are fully on board, while other schools have yet to dip their toes in. The online class Building a Blended Course is a great opportunity for educators to understand blended learning and to be equipped with helpful tools for implementing their own blended learning courses.

This summer, Christian Schools International is offering the Building a Blended Course for the second time for K-12 teachers and administrators. Beginning June 15, 2015, the course is asynchronous and allows for summer vacation schedules; it’s designed to cover seven weeks of content but allows eight weeks for completion (ending August 3).

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