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Online & Blended Course Content – What Is Out There and How Can I Use It?

Blended_LearningA Webinar Re-Cap as Presented by: Becci Zwiers from Inno-Versity

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of content found online? Or certain there has to be a better way to find content for your class? There is! Enjoy this archived webinar to learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) and Learning Object Repositories (LOR) that are free and available for use in your classroom. These are items such as media, lesson plans, assessments and other activities that you can make use of in your class. The resources presented about were carefully curated to provide the most useful and well respected sources. See the list of these below.

About the presenter:
Becci Zwiers, a West Michigan native, is Inno-Versity’s in-house K-12 and Moodle guru. She’s the all-around life of the party. As a Calvin College graduate with a master’s degree in Gifted and Talented Education from Grand Valley State University, she brings a unique set of gifts and talents to Inno-Versity’s clientele. She has additional certification in Online Teaching from Michigan Virtual. Becci’s expertise morphs projects from basic concept to digital masterpiece. She is the champ curriculum writer and developer on the team. She is an experienced and impressive online trainer as well. Becci has taught over 30 online professional development courses over the past 10 years.

Becci will be teaching CSI’s online course for teachers and administrators called “Building a Blended Course.” This course is scheduled to begin mid-June through the month of July.

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