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The Open Source Remix


The Remix Culture

I love Bob Ross. I’m not sure if it’s his poofy hair, his soft voice, or perhaps his “happy little trees,” but nothing relaxes me more on a Saturday afternoon than sitting back and watching reruns of the 80s PBS sensation The Joy of Painting. Apparently, I’m not the only one. PBS Digital Studios created an homage to the painter/host by remixing clips from his shows into an uplifting song. Join nearly 11 million other fans by watching the tribute below.

The video above is a perfect example of what has been coined the remix culture, which is a society in which one is encourage to create new derivative works from the original work of others. Rather than viewing such activity as the theft of copyrighted materials, members of an open community deliberately share their work so that others can build upon and improve it. We have seen the power of this open source movement most clearly evident in the development of the software that powers many internet applications, Moodle and WordPress being two prominent examples.

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Google Classroom Tips and Tricks

GoogleClassroomAn archived recording of a live webinar event presented by Rachel Medieros and hosted by Christian Schools International.

Google Classroom helps teachers and students stay organized and enjoy a supplemented curriculum. In this webinar, Rachel Medeiros, a Google certified teacher and innovator, shared San Jose Christian School’s philosophy for technology integration and demonstrate how that philosophy works with Google Classroom, a free learning management system for Google Apps for Education schools. Click on the recording link below and learn the details of how to use Classroom, best practices for using it in your school, and the many great benefits for both students and teachers.

We were thrilled to see many of you were able to join us for the live event, and enjoyed watching you network and share ideas via the Twitter chat #CSI4EDU during the presentation. If you get a moment, search #CSI4EDU and check out what others had to say.

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How Tech Savvy Are Today’s Novice Teachers?

savvy-teachersGuest post by: Dave Mulder, Assistant Professor of Education at Dordt College

What do we make of the Millennials? Are they digital natives, or are they “the dumbest generation”?  Now that they are graduating from college and joining the team as professional educators, how shall we—the more seasoned educators—think about them, and their use of technology?

Marc Prensky, in his 2001 article, introduced the terminology of “digital natives” (referring to the Millennial generation) and “digital immigrants” (everybody older than the Millennials). And the argument was compelling: kids growing up with ready access to digital technology seem to think differently about the tools at their disposal. Seeing students (college, high school, middle school, or even elementary students) so attached to their handheld devices and social media makes it seem that Prensky’s words were prophetic: “Our students have changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach.” Perhaps the Millennials are better suited for teaching their fellow digital natives.

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