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Christian Schools InternationalIn this ever-changing world of digital learning, Christian Schools International offers this blog as a fluid and growing collection of resources, research, and news highlighting online course programs, professional development, and digital learning opportunities for K-12 schools. Posts include valuable insight from experts in the digital learning field, some working in our member schools and others from programs and organizations. We hope the information shared prompts opportunities for you to reach out to one another and to network about best practices and useful resources.

Content for this blog will include blog posts; links to articles and resources; audio and video archives, including the follow-up resources to Christian Schools International’s digital learning webinars; and suggestions for events, blogs and groups that would continue the conversations we launch.

Staying relevant in the realm of digital learning can feel like someone has asked you to balance education objectives while perched atop a whitewater raft. You are expected to navigate the ever-changing environment professionally while avoiding major hazards, embracing the new and unexpected, pulling up others who are paddling the same adventure beside you, all while ensuring everyone‘s involvement includes a successful outcome. This is no small feat. We’re excited to offer you tools, resources and experts to assist your journey.


About the ContributorsMaritaDamghani[1]

I’m Marita Damghani, an online learning consultant for Christian Schools International.  I manage the content and contributors for Digital Discovery. My past experience as both a student and administrator in Christian education inspires my support of Christian schools. After five years managing marketing, admissions, and advancement for a preK through 12th grade Christian school in West Michigan, I was thrilled to join the team at Christian Schools International. My role here has brought me from directing curriculum sales to managing the operations and marketing for the CSIonline Academy program. As that program continues to grow and change, my role has shifted again, allowing me more time to continue exploring the expanding world of digital learning.

Assisting schools as they seek to utilize digital learning opportunities has become a great passion of mine. The guest writers/topic experts, resources, programs and ideas presented in this blog should offer opportunities for schools of all sizes, in all stages of digital development, and for school staff groups of all experience levels to learn new things that can be applied swiftly to the day-to-day of classroom and virtual learning education environments.