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Best Practices for Blended Learning – Webinar Re-Cap

Blended LearningPresented by Miriam Taylor, The Learning Well

What does blended learning really mean, and how can I put it into practice in my classroom? During this webinar, Miriam taught us how to articulate the various meanings of blended learning. She spent time exploring ways to implement this in your classroom from both an instructional and technology standpoint.

Use the link below to view the recording of the webinar event. This webinar draws upon key elements of Christian Schools International’s summer online teacher training titled “Building a Blended Course.” 

Webinar recording link:

Web links mentioned during the presentation are linked below:

Miriam ran out of time at the end of her presentation to share a 2 minute video entitled “Blended Learning in Plain English.” Please enjoy it by playing it below now. The sound is low, so be sure to turn up your speakers.

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