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Building a Blended Course – A Summer Professional Development Experience

Professional_Development_Logo“Blended learning” is the catch phrase in K-12 education today. Christian schools span the spectrum of participation integrating blended learning into their classrooms: some are fully on board, while other schools have yet to dip their toes in. The online class Building a Blended Course is a great opportunity for educators to understand blended learning and to be equipped with helpful tools for implementing their own blended learning courses.

This summer, Christian Schools International is offering the Building a Blended Course for the second time for K-12 teachers and administrators. Beginning June 15, 2015, the course is asynchronous and allows for summer vacation schedules; it’s designed to cover seven weeks of content but allows eight weeks for completion (ending August 3).

To get the most out of the course, facilitator Becci Zwiers from The Learning Well suggests carving out between three and five hours per week to interact with course content and application exercises. For those who are computer savvy, the time commitment may be less than what is suggested. The course is not platform specific and can be taken on any device with internet access (a computer is recommended).

Experience Overview:

Building a Blended Course is formatted similar to the process of building a house: build the foundation, construct the framing, and add the finish work.


  • Learn the basics about what blended learning is about.
  • Uncover the different models of blended learning and online activities.
  • Understand why blended learning is important in a Christian school setting and at all grade levels.
  • Discover how to integrate worldview into pre-created content in an online format.


  • Create a blueprint for your own blended course.
  • Determine what your goals and objectives will be for the course.
  • Figure out how to be consistent in in-seat and online content.
  • Learn how to utilize assessments and weigh the pros and cons of different assessment formats.
  • Integrate a biblical worldview into course content.
  • Manage content via learning management system (LMS) options.
  • Learn about open education resources to find quality pre-designed content.

Finish work:

  • Design unique content utilizing various Web 2.0 tools.
  • Explore personalization techniques through discussion boards, content writing, and student interactions.
  • Learn to maintain good online teaching and learning etiquette and academic integrity.
  • Collaborate via peer review exercises utilizing screen casting.
  • Share and give final reflections.

Space is limited: 1-2 teachers per school.
Price: $150

To register or for more information, please contact Jill Powell at Christian Schools International at, or call 800.635.8288, ext. 256.

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