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Bringing Coding to Life with Ozobots

What Is an Ozobot?

Ozobots are small robots that students can use to complete challenges while being introduced to basic coding through the process. These simple $59 devices can do some pretty amazing things. Draw a color-coded path on a piece of paper and see the robot follow the line as drawn, or use your iPad or computer to create commands for your Ozobot to perform. The beauty of these rugged little devices is their flexibility and the way they introduce basic concepts of coding through play. Students from kindergarten through high school can learn big ideas using these little devices.

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Increasing Student Responsibility with Google Classroom

google_classroom_logoI teach middle school. That means that I teach students a lot of content, but I also teach students about what it means to be human. Part of teaching students to be human is about teaching them to be responsible.

At San Jose Christian, we have a 1:1 laptop program in our middle school, where students all have their own MacBooks.  We use Google Classroom to offer students tools, resources, and a management hub for classroom work.

However, Google Classroom is not just for middle school. It’s great for students to use to turn in work at almost any level. They have a great app for iOS and Android as well, which makes it easy for students to use on any device or even across the multiple devices they have.

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Making the Most of One Classroom iPad – Webinar Re-Cap

Recently, Brandon Helder led a CSI Webinar and two CEA sessions entitled “Making the Most of One Classroom iPad.” This session, which is shared with you below, is a collection of some of the best tools and tricks he has for teachers with limited technology.  Check out his presentation below.


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Growing Digitally… Ditching Computer Labs

tumblr_nwmkeowj7P1r8o3vyo1_1280At some point during the 2015-16 school year I heard our technology coordinator utter words neither of us dreamed would be spoken in the “tech age”: “We may no longer need a computer lab.”

I remember my first experience with a computer lab as a student. It was the only place in school where students could access computers, and the weekly assigned times in front of turquoise and purple iMac G3s were a highlight for me. Through my years as a student and continuing into my days as a teacher, the computer lab was where students came to type papers, conduct research, or try to get around filters and play games of Hangman olemonader Lemonade Stand.

So how is it possible that we could consider getting rid of such a room? Over the past three years, we have moved from a single mobile cart of 30 laptops to a pair of mobile carts before increasing our number to over 80 laptops to allow our middle school students (grades 6-8) to go 1:1. This left only our fourth and fifth graders in need of using the computer lab. While it was convenient for them, since the computer lab was much more open and available for their use, the lab’s 25+ Mac desktops had aged to the point of being unable to be updated, and new ones would have to be purchased.

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Online & Blended Course Content – What Is Out There and How Can I Use It?

Blended_LearningA Webinar Re-Cap as Presented by: Becci Zwiers from Inno-Versity

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of content found online? Or certain there has to be a better way to find content for your class? There is! Enjoy this archived webinar to learn about Open Educational Resources (OER) and Learning Object Repositories (LOR) that are free and available for use in your classroom. These are items such as media, lesson plans, assessments and other activities that you can make use of in your class. The resources presented about were carefully curated to provide the most useful and well respected sources. See the list of these below.

About the presenter:
Becci Zwiers, a West Michigan native, is Inno-Versity’s in-house K-12 and Moodle guru. She’s the all-around life of the party. As a Calvin College graduate with a master’s degree in Gifted and Talented Education from Grand Valley State University, she brings a unique set of gifts and talents to Inno-Versity’s clientele. She has additional certification in Online Teaching from Michigan Virtual. Becci’s expertise morphs projects from basic concept to digital masterpiece. She is the champ curriculum writer and developer on the team. She is an experienced and impressive online trainer as well. Becci has taught over 30 online professional development courses over the past 10 years.

Becci will be teaching CSI’s online course for teachers and administrators called “Building a Blended Course.” This course is scheduled to begin mid-June through the month of July.

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EdTech Team Summit – Featuring Google for Education

EdTechTeamEveryone is invited to Google Apps for Education — June 23-24, 2016!

Sioux Falls Christian Schools in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is excited to be hosting the 2nd Annual “EdTech Team Summit – Featuring Google for Education.” This two-day event (with an optional pre-summit “dive deep” sessions on June 22nd) includes two keynote presentations, eight breakout sessions each hour, a demo slam competition, and a closing capstone session. Participants will be able to attend beginner through advanced sessions on the uses of Google Apps in the classroom for iOS, Chromebooks, Macs, and Windows machines. All presenters are Google Certified Teachers, Google for Education Certified Trainers, Google Employees, or teachers with local success stories in the integration of Google tools!

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Students Learn How to Leave Positive Digital Legacy

Digital Citizenship Guest post by: Bryan Winfrey, Director of Communications and Student Recruitment at Valley Christian High School in Chandler, Arizona

You can’t watch the nightly news without being exposed to a story revolving around social media. Unfortunately, many of the stories are about the inappropriate or misuse of social media by teenagers. Understanding the new and broadening challenges students are facing, this year Valley Christian implemented a digital citizenship component to students’ computer curriculum. “Digital Citizenship teaches online ethics to give a moral compass to everything we do online,” first-year faculty member and computer teacher Tom Croke said. “We live in an age where we all have digital footprints; digital citizenship is understanding what footprints we leave and how they impact us.”

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Flipped Classroom Adoption

flipped-classroomWritten by: Marita Damghani, Online Learning Consultant for Christian Schools International

Educators are often asked to set aside traditional education models to try something new. Flipped classrooms are often the new challenge. Those who are looking to make the switch can learn from those who are already doing it and are teaching others to do it successfully. I got the opportunity to be a panelist on a Sevenstar-sponsored webinar presented by teacher, researcher, and speaker Aaron Sams. This post is a collection of his tips and resources.

Educause, a digital tech-for-education non-profit, defines the flipped classroom as “a pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions.”

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Back to School Giveaway Celebration!

giveaway1Welcome to the new school year! We want to celebrate this milestone with you by starting off with two exciting drawings. Today, we’ll introduce you to the GoogleFEST giveaway and opportunity happening in Lansing, Michigan. Then, in just a couple days, we’ll post the information about two online course scholarship drawings! So, stay tuned.



Announcing GoogleFEST!

Many schools are making use of the apps, devices, and programs Google has created to make education more efficient and student centered. The folks at Google have created GoogleFEST, a one day professional and personalized learning conference for educators. The topics being covered by the keynote speaker, author and teacher Pernille Ripp, and the workshop leaders will surely enhance how you use technology in the classroom. We want to encourage you to sign up for the registration give-away ($95 value – covers one participant’s registration and parking) below and share the opportunity with your administrators and staff.

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Love God. Love kids. Love to teach.

10177777-smallGuest Post By: Janelle Sievert, Assistant Adminstrator, Curriculum Director, and Resource Room Staff at Zeeland Christian School located in Zeeland, Michigan. Zeeland Christian School serves students in grades PreK-8.

Love God. Love kids. Love to teach. At Zeeland Christian School, we pray that these words are at the heart of who we are and what we do every day. When we look at each area of our school, we continue to try to do the very best that we can to put these words into action, and technology is no exception.

We spend a significant amount of time talking about and planning for technology. From equipment needs to more complex issues such as what types of experiences we want our students to have through technology, the conversation is never done.

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