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Building Alumni Relations Through Facebook

facebook-school-6001-367x235A guest post by: Pam Lasher, alumni coordinator of NorthPointe Christian Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Connecting with alumni, seeing them return, and saying “Welcome home!” is a gift to me after teaching at NorthPointe for over 30 years. NorthPointe Christian Schools is 43 years old with 2,700 graduates, as well as many others who attended for part of their education. I connect with “my kids,” those I taught, and all NPC alumni. Embracing social media to stay up-to-date with NPC alumni has been priceless.

In addition to email, the applications I use regularly are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. My own Facebook (FB) account and a FB page created for NPC alumni have been the best way to find and stay in touch with our alumni. This format reaches each decade of graduates. Even young alumni are on FB, even if they don’t use it often. I message them and often get an immediate response! Of course, that means one by one–lots of time involved, but well worth it. It has been THE best way to ask for their contact info, as well as send out announcements and invitations.

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Marketing Your Online Program: Webinar Re-Cap

webinar-01As mentioned in the previous post, I was given the opportunity to join two others in a panel discussion via a webinar with Sevenstar. The recording of that webinar is linked below. Some of the ideas I shared in my previous post are mentioned, but many other great ideas are also shared by the fellow panelists. Please check out the recording to learn ways to continue sharing your online program with your school community and those outside your school who could benefit from online courses.

Click here to view Sevenstar’s recording of the live event:

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12 Ways to Market Your Online Program

webRecently I was given the opportunity to join other school administrators and marketing specialists in a discussion about marketing best practices related to online programs. Here are some of the ideas I shared, many of which could be tweaked to fit your situation perfectly.

A lot goes into marketing strategy when you have an audience as large and diverse as your Christian school does. You need to reach your administrators, teachers, staff, school board members, parents, and students, not to mention the world outside your school doors. If you have an online program or plan to start one, gleaning some ideas about great marketing strategy will be worth its weight in gold.

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