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Social Media: Dynamic for Professional Development & Building a Professional Learning Network (PLN) – Webinar Re-Cap

If you missed the live webinar, “Social Media: Building a PLN,” be sure to check out the event recording below.  Tyler Amidon, Denver Christian School Middle School Principal and Director of Student Life, presented an hour full of great ideas, advice, and resources for building your personal learning network utilizing social media.

Slides: Copies of the CSI Webinar – Social Media for Building a PLN slides cane be viewed/downloaded as a PDF with active links to resources that Tyler mentioned during the live event. Just click the link above.

Link to the webinar recording:

Helpful contact info:  If you have questions for Tyler Amidon following his webinar, you can reach him on Twitter @tyleramidon or email

Action Step: To further benefit from building our networks, we ask that you leave a message on this blog post and share your Twitter handle, Voxer handle, and/or the URL to an educational blog you write so others can connect with you.

Stay connected & build your PLN with:

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Students Learn How to Leave Positive Digital Legacy

Digital Citizenship Guest post by: Bryan Winfrey, Director of Communications and Student Recruitment at Valley Christian High School in Chandler, Arizona

You can’t watch the nightly news without being exposed to a story revolving around social media. Unfortunately, many of the stories are about the inappropriate or misuse of social media by teenagers. Understanding the new and broadening challenges students are facing, this year Valley Christian implemented a digital citizenship component to students’ computer curriculum. “Digital Citizenship teaches online ethics to give a moral compass to everything we do online,” first-year faculty member and computer teacher Tom Croke said. “We live in an age where we all have digital footprints; digital citizenship is understanding what footprints we leave and how they impact us.”

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The Power of Social Media for Leaders – Webinar Re-Cap

social media cubesIn today’s world, a school leader is called upon to communicate with his or her community on a daily basis. However, sending an email every day is not what is expected today. There are so many tools and so many mediums for us to use to communicate. Tyler Amidon from Denver Christian Schools and Mike Wiersma from Ontario Christian Schools demonstrated how they use many different tools to meet community members, students, and staff where they are in the 21st century. If you missed the live event, be SURE to catch the recording.

Click here to learn about daily podcasting, Twitter, Facebook, weekly blog posts, YouTube, Google Hangout, Instagram, Remind HQ, weekly timeline to teachers, backchannels, and more. All these tools, when used properly, can inspire and connect your community in more ways than you can imagine!

Those in the live event walked away with a myriad of new ideas to utilize immediately. The tips Tyler and Mike shared were attainable, useful, and shared with ideas for easy application. The entire hour was spent introducing educators to social media tools (some well-known and others new) and helped them understand great ways to integrate them in our schools communications to share God’s story with our communities.

View the Webinar Archive Here

Connect with Tyler (@TylerAmidon) and Mike (@MWiersy) on Twitter if you have any follow-up questions or comments. They’d love to hear from you!

As presented by: Tyler Amidon, Denver Christian Schools, and Mike Wiersma, Ontario Christian Schools in Nov 2015

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Building Alumni Relations Through Facebook

facebook-school-6001-367x235A guest post by: Pam Lasher, alumni coordinator of NorthPointe Christian Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Connecting with alumni, seeing them return, and saying “Welcome home!” is a gift to me after teaching at NorthPointe for over 30 years. NorthPointe Christian Schools is 43 years old with 2,700 graduates, as well as many others who attended for part of their education. I connect with “my kids,” those I taught, and all NPC alumni. Embracing social media to stay up-to-date with NPC alumni has been priceless.

In addition to email, the applications I use regularly are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. My own Facebook (FB) account and a FB page created for NPC alumni have been the best way to find and stay in touch with our alumni. This format reaches each decade of graduates. Even young alumni are on FB, even if they don’t use it often. I message them and often get an immediate response! Of course, that means one by one–lots of time involved, but well worth it. It has been THE best way to ask for their contact info, as well as send out announcements and invitations.

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