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Four Apps to Help You Fundraise for Your School

onlinegivingEven though educational research is inconclusive as to whether technology actually increases students’ learning, we do know that technology integration in the classroom prepares students for Christian life and service. To function in today’s world, we need to know how to integrate technology into our lives.

Technology is important in the school’s office, too. Technology improves both effectiveness and efficiency of office functions. I have found the following technology-based applications extremely useful in my job as fundraiser at the Potter’s House School.

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Growing Digitally… Ditching Computer Labs

tumblr_nwmkeowj7P1r8o3vyo1_1280At some point during the 2015-16 school year I heard our technology coordinator utter words neither of us dreamed would be spoken in the “tech age”: “We may no longer need a computer lab.”

I remember my first experience with a computer lab as a student. It was the only place in school where students could access computers, and the weekly assigned times in front of turquoise and purple iMac G3s were a highlight for me. Through my years as a student and continuing into my days as a teacher, the computer lab was where students came to type papers, conduct research, or try to get around filters and play games of Hangman olemonader Lemonade Stand.

So how is it possible that we could consider getting rid of such a room? Over the past three years, we have moved from a single mobile cart of 30 laptops to a pair of mobile carts before increasing our number to over 80 laptops to allow our middle school students (grades 6-8) to go 1:1. This left only our fourth and fifth graders in need of using the computer lab. While it was convenient for them, since the computer lab was much more open and available for their use, the lab’s 25+ Mac desktops had aged to the point of being unable to be updated, and new ones would have to be purchased.

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The Open Source Remix


The Remix Culture

I love Bob Ross. I’m not sure if it’s his poofy hair, his soft voice, or perhaps his “happy little trees,” but nothing relaxes me more on a Saturday afternoon than sitting back and watching reruns of the 80s PBS sensation The Joy of Painting. Apparently, I’m not the only one. PBS Digital Studios created an homage to the painter/host by remixing clips from his shows into an uplifting song. Join nearly 11 million other fans by watching the tribute below.

The video above is a perfect example of what has been coined the remix culture, which is a society in which one is encourage to create new derivative works from the original work of others. Rather than viewing such activity as the theft of copyrighted materials, members of an open community deliberately share their work so that others can build upon and improve it. We have seen the power of this open source movement most clearly evident in the development of the software that powers many internet applications, Moodle and WordPress being two prominent examples.

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Back to School Giveaway Celebration!

giveaway1Welcome to the new school year! We want to celebrate this milestone with you by starting off with two exciting drawings. Today, we’ll introduce you to the GoogleFEST giveaway and opportunity happening in Lansing, Michigan. Then, in just a couple days, we’ll post the information about two online course scholarship drawings! So, stay tuned.



Announcing GoogleFEST!

Many schools are making use of the apps, devices, and programs Google has created to make education more efficient and student centered. The folks at Google have created GoogleFEST, a one day professional and personalized learning conference for educators. The topics being covered by the keynote speaker, author and teacher Pernille Ripp, and the workshop leaders will surely enhance how you use technology in the classroom. We want to encourage you to sign up for the registration give-away ($95 value – covers one participant’s registration and parking) below and share the opportunity with your administrators and staff.

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Why Sevenstar?

Sevenstar logo 1Beginning this school year, Christian Schools International made an intentional partnership between Sevenstar, our current online course provider, and the CSIonline Academy program for our member schools and their students.

A little about CSIonline Academy’s history:
Christian Schools International launched CSIonline Academy in 2012 to serve our member schools and non-member schools by providing online foreign language, math, English, and select elective courses for those in grades 6-12. At the start, Christian Schools International paid for curriculum providers, teachers, and leadership staff to manage and run the program. As the second year was underway, the need for more diverse class options and more affordable programming became realized. Ultimately, we needed a like-minded partner.

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Welcome to Digital Discovery!

In this ever-changing world of digital learning, Christian Schools International offers this blog to serve as a fluid and growing collection of resources, research, and news highlighting online course programs, professional development, and digital learning opportunities for K-12 schools. Posts include valuable insights from experts in the digital learning field, some working in our member schools and others from programs and organizations. We hope the information shared prompts opportunities for you to reach out to one another and to network about best practices and useful resources.

Content for this blog will include blog posts; links to articles and resources; audio and video archives, including the follow-up resources to Christian Schools International’s digital learning webinars; and suggestions for events, blogs, and groups that continue the conversations we launch.


Written by: Marita Damghani, Online Education Consultant for Christian Schools International

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