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Challenging Students with Digital Learning: Best Practices for Academically Talented Middle School Students – Webinar Re-Cap

logoWebinar presented by: Becci Zwiers, CLC Network/The Learning Well

Academically advanced middle school students can easily get bored by grade-level content, but that doesn’t mean they have the emotional maturity to take courses with high school students. Learn why online courses can be a good option for these students, and what to look for to make the experience effective and fulfilling. Becci Zwiers, online teaching consultant for CLC Network, will review the advantages and pitfalls of digital learning.

Resources mentioned in the webinar include:

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More about the presenter:Becci Zwiers

Becci Zwiers has a wealth of background and knowledge in teaching online courses and helping teachers prepare for online/blended learning.  She is currently an instructor of online courses for Michigan Virtual University preparing teachers to teach in a blended and online classroom. She also manages and teaches the CLC Network courses for gifted middle school students. In addition, Becci works with a group called The Learning Well, where she creates materials for use in online courses and develops curriculum to maximize student engagement and knowledge.

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