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Dual Credit is the New AP – Webinar Re-Cap

WebinarWith so many options and so little time to work ahead, high school students are looking to school administrators and guidance counselors to have creative solutions to help them get the biggest bang for their buck before they graduate. Are you prepared with a myriad of great options?

John Pohlman and Lou Anne Beadle, from Sevenstar, discussed how online dual enrollment opportunities are becoming game-changers for Christian school students. The need for these kinds of courses is growing, and Sevenstar is expanding program offerings to meet those needs! CSI member schools get access to these options through CSIonline Academy.

If you missed the live event or wish to review/share any portion of the presentation, you can view the video recording at:

For further information about this topic, please visit Sevenstar’s blog to read an article that was published about dual credit. And, I encourage you to stay up-to-date with digital learning topics by subscribing to CSI’s blog, Digital Discovery.

Member schools can enroll students in online courses (dual credit and others powered by Sevenstar) through CSIonline Academy.

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