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Four Apps to Help You Fundraise for Your School

onlinegivingEven though educational research is inconclusive as to whether technology actually increases students’ learning, we do know that technology integration in the classroom prepares students for Christian life and service. To function in today’s world, we need to know how to integrate technology into our lives.

Technology is important in the school’s office, too. Technology improves both effectiveness and efficiency of office functions. I have found the following technology-based applications extremely useful in my job as fundraiser at the Potter’s House School.

news-merger-graphicDonor Pro/Salsa Labs (License-based fee structure) There are several good donor relations software products. Donor Pro is essentially a database where you can keep all of your donor demographic information. You are also able to write notes for each person in your database so that you will have specifics from the last conversation.

Donor Pro also keeps track of giving. This is helpful so you know when to ask again for a gift. People are excited about giving to Christian schools, but they don’t always remember when they gave last. Donor Pro is a good app that many Christian schools and not-for-profits use.


Wunderlist (Free)wunderlist-icon

A big part of donor relations is to remember when to contact the donor. Wunderlist is a cloud-based reminder and to-do list-maker program. It can be installed across many platforms, including Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.  Wunderlist is able to send to you reminders via email or notification alerts on your devices. You will never have to miss an important follow-up on a donor or task.


Email Me Form (Free) email-me-form-logo

This is a form maker for your website. Marketing for students is important for a Christian school, but so is having a feedback tool for donors. If you want to send out a form for donor tours, an auction, or a banquet that you are having for your school, Email Me Form collects the form information and sends it to you via an email. You are notified when someone has filled out a form. You can have the program send to the donor a reply, or you can do it personally via your email platform.


followupthen-300x229Follow Up Then (Free)

Follow Up Then is one of my favorite apps to use at work. The program sends a follow-up email at a time of your choosing. For example, if I sent an email to a donor requesting a lunch date, I can have the program send me an email in three days to check to see if the donor responded to me. It basically works as an assistant, reminding me to follow up on a conversation or meeting. If I haven’t heard back, I can then follow up with the donor with another email or phone call. The program allows several options in terms of the timing of reminders. Follow Up Then posted the following video on YouTube to help you better understand how to use their tool.




kent_ezellGuest post by: Kent Ezell
Kent is one of the donor representatives for the Potter’s House School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He also works for Christian Schools International helping teachers with Walking With God and His People. He has been a teacher and technology coordinator for the Potter’s House and San Jose (California) Christian School and a teacher and principal for South Olive Christian School in Holland, Michigan. He loves to answer questions. Please email Kent at or use Twitter @kaezell.




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