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Integrating Biblical Principles in Online Courses

bible_laptopGuest Post By: Michael Arnold (Biblical Integration Specialist at Sevenstar)

At Sevenstar, our mission and vision drive us to partner with parents, schools, and Christian organizations like Christian Schools International to make disciples of Jesus Christ through the ministry of education. Biblically integrating our courses enables us to accomplish that mission.

In each course, we seek to highlight God’s nature and ways revealed by the content. We also seek to equip the students to become better stewards of God’s creation, love God and others more completely, and take the gospel to every creature. It is our goal to use Scripture to frame, support, and add content to our courses and produce a student able to respond to our culture, grow spiritually, and fulfill his or her God-given purpose.

With that goal in mind, we review courses designed by the leaders in the world of online education both secular and Christian, review them against our standards, and determine if they are the quality we desire for our students. Once a course has been identified as an addition to our catalogue, we begin reviewing and editing it to promote a biblical worldview.

The process of biblical integration involves many people. First, the course is reviewed to identify needs and opportunities for biblical integration. Subject matter experts—individuals with experience teaching and biblically integrating the course content—are hired to review the course page by page. They are tasked with setting a specific biblical objective for each unit of study that points to the biblical foundation for that content. They then take advantage of the various activities, assignments, and assessments to help the student achieve that objective in a seamless way.

All of the biblical objectives and content changes are guided by our biblical integration guiding principles (see them here) and reviewed by various theological experts. Our desire is to focus on the uniting truths of essential doctrine while avoiding denominational distinctives. We seek to teach problematic content (i.e. the age of the earth) from a biblical perspective and invite the parents and spiritual mentors already part of the student’s life to be involved in the process. Finally, the teacher is on hand to interact with each student personally, help students more thoroughly process the course content, and encourage them in their search for truth. We provide our teachers with tools and tips for supporting the biblical content in our courses as well.

With these steps in place, we have seen students who have grown in their relationship with Jesus Christ and their ability to engage their culture with the truth of God’s Word.

More specifics about our process can be found here.

These biblically integrated courses powered by Sevenstar are used by CSIonline Academy! Be sure to check out how your school can utilize them by visiting the website, and receive CSI Member school pricing.

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