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Making the Most of One Classroom iPad – Webinar Re-Cap

Recently, Brandon Helder led a CSI Webinar and two CEA sessions entitled “Making the Most of One Classroom iPad.” This session, which is shared with you below, is a collection of some of the best tools and tricks he has for teachers with limited technology.  Check out his presentation below.


Brandon Helder mentions many helpful resources throughout his presentation. Links to those can be found on a Weebly site at

If you have trouble viewing the video presentation embedded above, please find the video on Vimeo at

1468464605Webinar presented by: Brandon Helder, 2nd grade teacher at Hudsonville Christian School in Hudsonville, Michigan. Or as he likes to say, he’s the tallest 2nd grader at Hudsonville Christian. Brandon writes “The Thrify Teacher” blog. He is married to Kimberly, and they have three girls under five years old. Contact Brandon via the “Say Hello” form on his blog.



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