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Online Courses – A Whole New World

BCCS LogoGuest post by: Heather Stroupe, online course monitor at Beaver County Christian School in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. The school serves students in grades K-12.

Online classes are changing the world. For the busy adult, they are convenient. For the hard worker looking to change jobs, they are an opportunity. For employees with certifications to meet, they are necessary. For the college student, they can be a requirement. And for the high school student…online classes can be a whole new world.
Here at Beaver County Christian School we see the growing trend for education to be increasingly virtual, and we have chosen to incorporate online classes into our traditional school structure. Our staff is proud of its commitment to challenging our students’ minds with a good education and broadening their world with a biblical perspective.  Our administration also values the personal relationships our teachers develop with individual students. However, our school recognizes the importance of preparing young minds to achieve success in online learning in a way that fosters growth and independence. At BCCS virtual learning is such a priority that we require all students to complete one semester in an online course before graduating.

At BCCS we maintain that the Sevenstar program offers curricula that meet the high level of academic standards that we desire in a variety of subject areas and skill levels. The curricula are designed to help students stay on track with their pacing and offer a personal component by assigning each student a live teacher with whom students communicate. BCCS sees this online component as a way to expand learning opportunities for our students. Instead of offering just one foreign language, we can now offer five through the use of online classes. The students have a variety of elective courses from which they may choose as well, from forensic science to digital photography to online game design to name a few. The opportunities are great and the advantages are many with online courses.

While we want our students to take advantage of these opportunities, we recognize that online learning presents its own challenges for which not all high school students are equipped. At BCCS we have an online class monitor who oversees, manages, and proctors these courses. Our monitor is able to encourage students to stay on task and on pace, foster good communication with their online teachers, increase parent involvement through added communication, and bring a tangible human element to this independent virtual learning. Through our concentrated effort to incorporate online learning, a careful consideration of what materials we use, and a classroom monitor overseeing the courses, we feel that BCCS has brought the modern shift toward virtual education into our traditional school in a way that will encourage learning and success in our students and prepare them for the future.


Stroupe2014To connect with Heather Stroupe about the online learning program and student participation at Beaver County Christian School, contact her via email at

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