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Social Media: Dynamic for Professional Development & Building a Professional Learning Network (PLN) – Webinar Re-Cap

If you missed the live webinar, “Social Media: Building a PLN,” be sure to check out the event recording below.  Tyler Amidon, Denver Christian School Middle School Principal and Director of Student Life, presented an hour full of great ideas, advice, and resources for building your personal learning network utilizing social media.

Slides: Copies of the CSI Webinar – Social Media for Building a PLN slides cane be viewed/downloaded as a PDF with active links to resources that Tyler mentioned during the live event. Just click the link above.

Link to the webinar recording:

Helpful contact info:  If you have questions for Tyler Amidon following his webinar, you can reach him on Twitter @tyleramidon or email

Action Step: To further benefit from building our networks, we ask that you leave a message on this blog post and share your Twitter handle, Voxer handle, and/or the URL to an educational blog you write so others can connect with you.

Stay connected & build your PLN with:

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