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Social Media & Flipped Classrooms

professional-development-coursesIt is time to schedule some great professional development! During the month of November we are partnered up with two member school administrators and our online learning partner, Sevenstar, to share some great information. You have surely had conversation around how to best use social media as leaders in education, and you have begun to explore and understand best practices for flipped classroom formats. Take a moment to read about two upcoming webinar events to assist you in these ventures, and register to participate.

The Power of Social Media for Leaders


Tuesday, November 17  |  7–8 p.m. EST

Tyler Amidon, Denver Christian School,

and Mike Wiersma, Ontario Christian School

In today’s world, a school leader is expected to communicate with his or her community on a daily basis. However, sending an email every day is not what is expected in 2015. There are so many tools and so many mediums for us to use to communicate. Join Tyler Amidon from Denver Christian Schools and Mike Wiersma from Ontario Christian School as they demonstrate how they use many different tools to meet community members, students, and staff where they are in the 21st century. Learn about daily podcasting, Twitter, Facebook, weekly blog posts, YouTube, Google Hangout, Instagram, Remind HQ, weekly timeline to teachers, backchannels, and more. All these tools, when used properly, can inspire and connect your community in more ways than you can imagine!

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WebinarGraphicWhat Leaders Should Know about Flipped Classrooms (Sevenstar webinar)

Wednesday, November 18, 11am PST / 2pm EST

Presented by: Aaron Sams, co-founder of The Flipped Learning Network

Are your students being taught backwards from how they learn best? Join us as we discuss how Christian schools have successfully flipped their classrooms to improve academic outcomes and student engagement.

Join this webinar to discover:

  • Why students struggle in traditional classrooms
  • What is the best use of face-to-face class
  • How to reach your short and long term goals
  • Where to start transforming your school
  • Ways to overcome four typical implementation hurdles
  • What innovative best practices you should adopt to support your faculty and reach every student

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