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Training Teachers to Teach Online – Professional Development Course

Learn-Online-EducationChristian Schools International has completed a pilot of the course “Building a Blended Course.” During this eight-week course, teachers and administrators gleaned useful materials that allow them to create their own blended unit, taking their top-notch curriculum into the digital age. They were then able to use it immediately within the courses that they teach. It was such a success, it’s being offered again! This course was created by Christian Schools International and developed by online learning specialists at The Learning Well.


The next session of this training is available June 15-August 3, 2015. Please contact Jill Powell at or call 800.635.8288, ext. 256, for more information.


The training is thorough and covers topics such as learning object repositories; digital tools; blueprinting courses; and most importantly, including and focusing on Christian worldview within the blended portion of courses. Participants are instructed in blended learning definitions and models, are shown examples of quality blended courses/materials, are given evaluation structures for examining blended learning tools and materials, learn how to manage a blended course and learning materials, and learn how to personalize a blended course.

The pilot group learned a lot and shared positive feedback from this learning opportunity. They were asked to respond in a discussion forum how Christian worldview can and should be part of the blended portion of their courses.

Check out some of their insights below:

“If I were to engage my students in an online Christian worldview discussion, perhaps students would be more likely to haul out a Bible (print or online), or ask their parents for insight. Both of these responses would expand the classroom experience to the home (or wherever), and potentially extend the discussion from the classroom to the forum to the home. To me, that’s insanely awesome!”

“Integration of the Christian worldview is priority one when it comes to the responsibility of the Christian school teacher.  Looking for opportunities to weave into the curricula and/or lessons is always a foremost thought for planning.  Blended learning provides these opportunities in new ways that students may not have experienced to date.”

“I love the idea of interacting with these 21st-century students using tools they find exciting and engaging.  My hope and prayer is that they will be affected for Christ as they work through a blended class in the same way they are in a full-time face-to-face learning environment.”

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