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Why Schools Need Curriculum Mapping – Webinar Re-Cap

PrintWebinar led by: Dan Beerens & Mike VandenBerg, Dynamics Internet Solutions

Dan and Mike uncovered many reasons why schools need to be mapping curriculum. Their digital solution is unlike any other. During this webinar, Dan gave us a virtual tour of Curriculum Trak, the web-based tool that Christian schools use to drive their school improvement process. In this webinar he also explored the new faith learning integration tool. Check out the latest way to track curriculum over subject areas and grade levels. This tool even allows schools to network, sharing great ideas, curriculum standards and lesson plan ideas.

View the webinar recording here.

A little about the presenters:
Dan Beerens is an educational consultant, international speaker, author, blogger, and Senior Fellow at CACE (Center for the Advancement of Christian Education). He has been a teacher and administrator in both public and Christian schools. He works with schools on curriculum design, school improvement, and teacher professional growth.  Dan has also teamed with Mike Vander Berg in planning Strengthening Christian Schools (SCS) conferences at various regions in the US.  The goal of these conferences is to connect Christian school leaders with consultants/experts who have a passion for Christian education.

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Mike Vander Berg is one of the partners at Dynamic Internet Solutions, LLC. Before starting DIS in 2003, he served as the Director of Software Development at Powercom Corp. and then as a Director at Cooperative Education Service Agency (CESA #6) in Oshkosh, WI. He also taught high school math and technology for seven years at two Christian schools in the Midwest. Over the past 3 years, Mike has been active in planning Strengthening Christian Schools (SCS) Conferences at various regions in the US.

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Dynamic Internet Solutions is a software development company passionate about serving the needs of Christian schools, churches and other ministries. Today, they work with nearly 1600 ministries in 18 countries throughout the world. The primary purposes of this business are to give employees the ability to use their God-given talents to serve others and for ministries with great needs to benefit from those talents.

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