Why Sevenstar?

Sevenstar logo 1Beginning this school year, Christian Schools International made an intentional partnership between Sevenstar, our current online course provider, and the CSIonline Academy program for our member schools and their students.

A little about CSIonline Academy’s history:
Christian Schools International launched CSIonline Academy in 2012 to serve our member schools and non-member schools by providing online foreign language, math, English, and select elective courses for those in grades 6-12. At the start, Christian Schools International paid for curriculum providers, teachers, and leadership staff to manage and run the program. As the second year was underway, the need for more diverse class options and more affordable programming became realized. Ultimately, we needed a like-minded partner.

What makes Sevenstar different from other programs you considered?
Sevenstar quickly became our top choice. We desired a partner who welcomed us to be part of worldview integration discussions. We needed a program that provided Christian teachers and maintained academic excellence similar to other curricula we produce in house. Other programs felt so structured there wasn’t room for the customization we desired.

How do online classes serve the needs of your schools and their students?
CSIonline Academy has chosen to exclusively offer Sevenstar courses taught by Sevenstar teachers because we feel they are the very best option we have found to date. These courses have allowed our schools of all sizes to offer a wide selection of courses to fill complicated student schedules, to offer courses for which they wouldn’t otherwise hire a teacher, and to serve advanced students and those who need extra time.

What advice can you offer for starting an online learning initiative?
Your voice, your needs, and your beliefs are unique and important. You might be looking to launch your own independent online learning school or want CSIonline Academy to serve your students through Sevenstar courses. Finding a course provider that allows you to maintain your uniqueness while supporting you with a robust infrastructure is important. Sevenstar has been that great fit for us. They even allow us to share price savings with our schools using courses and those hoping to begin their own custom partnership.

What has your experience been like as a Sevenstar partner?
CSIonline Academy needed to expand the reach of our program in many ways. The program had begun on a small scale with a select group of course offerings at pricing that was within the reach of only some of our schools. This partnership has offered solutions to help us grow and offer more. We often feel like we are Sevenstar’s only customers thanks to their consistent care. They have a knowledgeable staff that leads a reliable and gifted team of teachers.

What are your thoughts on Sevenstar’s value?
The teachers, staff, curriculum, worldview, and support structure available through Sevenstar are worth every penny. They’ve priced their products and service at a level to maintain quality internally while giving organizations like ours a chance to pass along savings to our member schools.

What is our hope for the future?
We have created a partnership that benefits each of our member schools. We sincerely hope our schools take the progression of online learning seriously and make use of the expertise, savings, and biblical worldview integration offered through Sevenstar.

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